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explore+adventure+uncrowded peeling waves

you hear the rumors and whispers about a place and you start following the trail of hints, you hear about the waves the laid back vibe and you start searching and asking…. the full story is here

following a need to get find some waves in solitude and rest my mind & body in peace and quiet I stumble across a secret surfing playground..

dawn comes quietly, theres no traffic noise, the sky is clear blue. the warmth is gently rising from the earth. there is no acreage of concrete and bitumen, just green fields out the back window and  green grass nature strip between me and the beach out the front.  the quiet track bends by the river, down to the point. small swell with a long peeling left hander, two people in the water, greenery all around

the unessentials are missing… not a fancy resort, bar or night club to be seen. an abundance of the essentials; friendly locals, cheap food ( soto ayam for 60cents) and a laid back surf vibe. the long stretch of sand bends up to a super fun beach break.

there is time and peace here, I feel a strong spiritual renewal. . its a friendly easy wave and a friendly place.  evening are spent chatting in the kitchen & dining zone making new friends

and as the tiredness and tension fades away over the days I start to bubble with excitement … this place would be perfect for a friend of friends surf adventure.

…something simple and authentic…

the break is perfect beginners to intermediate level surfers.  there is no heaving barrels and sharp coral for you to be concerned about …there is plenty of wave wall and white water for practising and refining pop-ups, duck dives, turns, experimenting and trying out new moves.  that oh YEAH moment when you execute a sweet new move….

… oh the bliss of surfing in warm water and sunshine…

here is my offer to you….

come join a group of like minded girls as we head over to explore two off the beaten track and beautiful places in May 2017.

the groups will be small to keep it intimate and uncrowded, you will have time to surf, chillout and explore

we will video one surf session per day, so you can unpack the things in your surfing that have been mystifying you, workout how to progress, see what your really doing out there, not just what you think you’re doing.

there will be local surf guides to share and support in the communities we are travelling in, to get the best knowledge of where to surf. teamed up with Australian accredited surf coach’s

you will be travelling with similar minded and ability surfers,  your adventure will be packed full of good times, surf lessons, travel.

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Please note;

Secret Surfing Playground Accommodation

There is a variety of rooms, a communal kitchen and bamboo shade hut. there is very little price difference between the rooms. some of the rooms have double beds, some have single. there are a couple fan rooms and some a/cond rooms, and a 2 open at the front over looking the water. all have mosquito nets and are lockable. The rooms will be booked on a  first come first serve basis. if you would like to have a double bed room to yourself, please indicate that when booking. there will be an extra $95 charge in total.

Coconut Beach, bamboo huts, shared accommodation only. there is not enough huts for private rooms. twin share or quad share is available. twin share $1770

for booking and more information contact

Roz Fokkema

Little Seeds Surf Coaching

Ph; 0427 413 627   Email;