beyond basic

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when you want to learn a little more, have a specific move you would love to do, hit an hurdle, having frustrating sessions and don’t know why, wondering why you fall off,


good coaching is important as you progress.  many technical parts of surfing are counter intuitive, action is opposite of what you think. like leaning onto and over the front foot on a critical drop, when your mind and body wants to weight the back foot.


theres a very technical term for it; external mastery feedback. what that means is;



Skate board sessions; with Streetboardz you can practice your moves over and over, without waiting for the next wave.  it allows you to understand the muscle movements and imprint them into your mind.



Video coaching; are you prepared to be humbled and see a massive growth in your skills??  its kinda like hearing yourself sing …  your not quite the harmonious gig you thought you were. its also fun and hugely productive.

when you see yourself surfing on the video playback, so many things make more sense to you. its one thing to be told what to do, its another to see yourself doing it. often what you do feel is very different then what you do, with video you have the pleasure of seeing what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. that feedback works in your mind and adjusts your surfing, analysing with our coaches will give you the tips and guidance on what skills you can incorporate into your surfing to get the most of your wave, your board and ultimately growing your surf stoke!