from the first white water rush to nailing a sweet cutback, we are here to help you find that kick-ass good vibe that surfing can provide

sharing the knowledge and stoke which are  little seeds for you to water and grow!

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Summer 2015/2016

General surf lessons

All ages and abilities Tuesday – Thursday morning 10 – 12am

Private group or individual surf lessons available Fridays and Saturdays

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Term Four – SurfGroms, after school surf lessons. Tues and Wed(tbc) 3.30 – 5pm.

Summer sessions 1 – 3pm        Monday – Thursday afternoons Middleton Beach

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Pre-Christmas specials. surf lesson + yoga voucher + retail discount vouchers + free coffee. . . .  save + surf + stretch. … shop and do your Christmas jobs while the kids are enjoying the beach.

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Retreatslearning to surf is a bit like making a puzzle… or buying a cupboard from IKEA!  there are so many parts that fit together.  its a fun, creative process that can be hard and frustrating.  all the small bits are important to the finished product. if you are missing a small piece of the puzzle then it doesn’t get completed properly.  when all the pieces come together there is sheer joy and beauty.here are the pieces that make a continual circle, feed back into each other and grow with your surfing :

YOU; Feet, hips, hands, head how you use them, where they are going.  Your fitness, other sporting experiences.  Your headspace, confidence.

Equipment; board size, type, knowing how to use it in the best way possible. safety.

OCEAN; read the different waves, wind and tide


we believe that if you have a good foundation for your surfing, starting right, your surfing will progress from one step onto another. its more then standing on a surf board, its understanding why we stand ( for speed and control),  body placement, popup methods, how to use your equipment safety, different kinds of boards. over coming your fears, fears of water, fears of ability. and at little seeds we share your stoke at your first pop-up and riding your first green wall.   let us help you unpack the mysteries, fun, over coming the fears and frustration with simple instruction, clear feedback and plenty of time in the water.

we understand the importance of learning to observe and adapt to the ever changing ocean and your ever changing body and mind

sharing the knowledge and stoke which are little seeds for you to water and grow!

white water

building the foundations of your surfing.  getting you standing and riding your first waves, and so much more. we believe that good lessons should teach you how to become a independent surfer.  we will share with you what a board is and does,  ocean knowledge, different kinds of waves, what waves are best for you, simple popup methods, body placement, how to control your surf board and lots of safety tips.   booking in 3 sessions will give you a great start

gettin the green

lets get you onto the fun part of the wave. out of the white water and onto the glassy green wave wall.  its were everything becomes a little more tricky! this is where all the prior learning starts to come together.  we warn you.. this starts getting addictive! and you will be searching for that perfect peeler.  make the transition fun and rewarding.  lessons are flexible around the ocean; tide and wind starts to make a difference here. book in with some friends or join a group of similar ability.

gettin grovvy

good coaching is important as you progress.  many technical parts of surfing are counter intuitive, action is opposite of what you think. like leaning on &  over the front foot on a critical drop, when your mind and body wants to weight the back foot.  video analysis|skate sessions|beyond the basics




Video coaching; are you prepared to be humbled and see a massive growth in your skills??  its kinda like hearing yourself sing …  your not quite the harmonious gig you thought you were. its also fun and hugely productive.  beyond basics



join a group lesson over Amazing Albany’s summer time.

discover new beaches, make new friends, imagine you gliding on the glassy green waves!

for current lesson times call Roz 0427 413 627


for surfers 5 – 12 yo, join SurfGroms.

beach and ocean time specifically structured for you. read more or check out our lesson times here




If you’re the kind of person who loves a bit of adventure,

would like to find a remote uncrowded surf location,

improve your surfing with consistent waves

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